Aberdeen Bangladeshi Welfare Trust (ABWT) – The Centre for Bangladeshi Community Excellence in Aberdeen, Scotland. The ABWT was established in April 2018 as an Independent Bangladeshi Community Organization, with a special focus on cherishing Community Sports, Religion, Education and Arts & Cultural Activities.

The Core Focus of the ABWT is to promote and strengthen the Bangladeshi Community Excellence through diverse activities – education, religion, arts and culture, leisure and sports and welfare. It would thus undertake creative initiatives to disseminate rich attributes of Bengali arts and culture for a greater understanding and mutual respect among the Scottish and Minority Ethnic Communities towards the promotion of a healthy multi-racial, multi-faith and multi-cultural Scottish society.

The ABWT aims to achieve this by —

Promoting and managing religious events in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire;

Familiarising and popularising the profile of Bengali language and literature, arts and culture in Scotland (via workshops, cultural shows, theatrical performances, exhibitions, etc. ;

Organizing Bengali arts and cultural activities to offer performances in sports, music, short plays, drama and disseminating rich attributes of Bengali arts and culture among the indigenous Scots through entertaining performances;

Promoting and managing sports and leisure activities, especially facilitating sports competitions among the young people of Bangladeshi and other communities;

Bringing the community together by involving the disadvantaged section, via its diverse activities – primarily to provide cultural insight, education and leisure activities;

Maintaining close contact with mainstream schools, cultural groups and organizations serving similar purposes, and involving increased number of young Scots in major cultural shows; and

Strengthening links and partnership with the voluntary, statutory and community sectors, and promoting inter-community and cultural links between Bangladeshis and other minority groups including the Scots.

ABWT shall be empowered to do all things necessary for the attainment of the aims and objectives of the organization smoothly. In doing so, the group will adhere to all its policies and procedural guidelines to ensure that under no circumstances anyone can be allowed to bring the organization into disrepute.