Amazing Scotland

by Eusha Ibrahim, Age- 13, Class: S2.

Scotland is an Amazing Place. It has wonderful highlands. You can visit the capital city Edinburgh which is over 1300 years old. It is packed with culture and history. You can also visit Lochness which has rumours that there is a huge scary creature at the bottom of the deep loch.

The west highland line train passing the glen-finnan viaduct is also known as the Hogwarts Express Train as it was used in the Harry Potter movies. 

Blair castle is also amazing to visit because it is very beautiful. It was regularly renovated over the years. The castle goes all the way back to 1269. It has many rooms which also includes an armoury room and has another room full of hunting trophies.

The Scots invented the Stone Circle. The most impressive one can be found on the Isle of Lewis. This monument containing over 50 stones was created over 5000 years ago. The English Stonehenge is only 1000 years old. But Stonehenge is more popular. How do you think this happened?

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