All about Ice-Cream!

Tahlil Khandaker, Age: 7, Class: P3

Ice-cream is cold. Ice-cream is yummy. Ice-cream has lots of different flavours like…chocolates, vanilla, strawberry, mint, cookie dough, mixed up flavours, rainbow, swirly, banana, chocolate-mouse, blueberry and orange. Toppings come with the ice-cream like… chocolate. Flake and sprinkles there are different sorts of shapes like… stars, hearts original, squares and triangles. You can also get sometimes slushis in an ice-cream store. The flavours you can get is… strawberry, blueberry, lemon and orange. Some people can get swirly flavours or layers of flavours like… a layer of strawberry, a layer of blueberry. Just like that, some people can get ice-cream and slushis, you can also get unicorn slushis. Slushis comes with a straw.

You can get ice-cream from an ice-cream store. Premier, Asda, Tesco, Morrison, Iceland and an ice-cream van in the park. Ice-cream is everywhere! You can also get scoops of ice-cream, chocolate, strawberry and toffee sauce etc. My favourite ice-cream is cookie dough with two scoops of chocolate and vanilla, toffee sauce and a chocolate flake on top. I love ice-cream!

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