Plastic (the silent killer)

by Auria Ahmed; Age: 11; Class: P7

Plastic is used every day, everywhere and by everyone. But do we ever consider the fact that when we pour our milk in the morning, or squirt out toothpaste at night, what damage plastic is making? We wash our hair with it; use it on a day to day basis and unknowingly eating. Plastic is cheap, versatile and easy to use. Yet it might be one of the most dangerous things on the planet. Do you know about the massive carbon footprint the plastic is causing? Casting a dark shadow on the earth feature? Industries all over the world are making plastic by mixing oil with poisonous chemicals correspondence, which not only increasing the chance of the earth getting too warm, but also increases the chance of our supply of food dying. Because of unrecyclable plastic, landfills are increasing in its size, and animals are dying. Just because of our dependency of this foul product, our world is heading towards destruction.


Because of human activities, our environment is getting destroyed. Around 76000 pieces of plastic per square mile is found in our ocean. If it was apple-cores instead of plastic in our ocean, it would take probably 5 days to de-compost, yet since it is plastic it takes more than 100 years. That is just about how long it takes for 1 of the 36 million plastic bottles a day that are soaked in the UK to de-compost. As we burn fossil fuel to make plastic, it releases carbon-di-oxide into the atmosphere. Carbon-di-oxide is a greenhouse gas, which is natural and controls the earth’s temperature, yet as our world is receiving too much carbon-di-oxide, our earth is warming up.

This could mean to ice caps melting, so sea level was then rise, flooding many cities and killing millions. Our once beautiful world is being attacked by chemicals and poisonous gasses, and it’s because of all that plastic you didn’t recycle. Think about how much material is produced each year by the inhabitant of just one town. How much of the rubbish could have been re-use or re-cycled? By using paper, glass and metal more than plastic you can restore our beautiful world to its full glory.

Wild life:

As our world is not only getting destroyed by plastic, wild life too. By flushing out bleach, face wash, shampoo etc. into the sewer, many creatures are dying. Have we ever just thought that our much loved fish has not just eaten plankton, but particles of plastic? That because less than 15% of plastic bottles are recycled each year, over 100 million animals are being killed?

Experts have shown that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. So many creatures are dying because of plastic. 70% of Dead Sea turtles have shown traces that they died because of plastic. We are killing animals here and we are the murderer. Animals cannot help it, if less than 3% of plastic bags are being recycled, making them think plastic bags in the ocean are jelly fish, can they? Dead Sea bird studies have also shown that 90% of sea birds have died because of plastic. How would you feel if your pet died because of plastic? So many species have already become extinct, and because of plastic, many more will surely die out. Animals are an important part to our world, and they keep the food chain in balance, making the world balanced.


Animals and the environment is not the only thing which plastic is infecting. Humans, the creator of this century, are also being infected. A poisonous chemical called BPA (Bisphenol A) has been found in plastic, along with dioxins. If too much BPA enters the bloodstream, it will be much harder to have a child. In teabags, 95% of the material used to make it, is found to be plastic. So, we are eating small particles of plastic every day. Chewing gum has also been found to have small traces of plastic. Plastic is also found in our clothes too!

Plastic is everywhere, even in places we wouldn’t recognise. Plastic will end up decreasing the amount of human on this earth, and because of plastic, the human civilisation will become destroyed.


There is only one solution to stop so much plastic in this world. People would say that we should recycle more, yet by recycling we are losing earth’s natural resources. Others say that we should start using bio-plastic, which basically means that plastic would breakdown into smaller bits of plastic, which would wreck the world even more. The solution is to stop using so much plastic in our daily lives. Although bio-degradable materials are quite expensive, we must urge industries and markets all over the world to start using them, or use different, safer materials. Many would argue that not using plastic would be unhygienic, but it won’t be. Instead of using small plastic bags for fruits and vegetables, we can use paper bags instead. Instead of selling small plastic bags for 5p, we can urge supermarkets to sell re-useable bags. For juice, milk and water, we can just use glass or metal bottles. By just telling people about how they can stop the amount of plastic, you can help save the world.


Plastic is one of the most popular things on the planet. Yet plastic is killing wild life, the environment, and us. We must stop this mountain of plastic from becoming larger, or there will be no stopping it. We must urge all industries all over the world to do the 6R’s… reuse, recycle, refuse, reduce, replace, rethink.

By promoting all of the 6R’s we will lessen the chance of global warming and plastic killings. There are many companies to help the world to end the plastic journey such as Green Peace, yet  all the people in the world needs to help. Plastic is one of the hardest battles we will ever fight, and we have to win. We must stop plastic from warming into products that require no plastic in reality. We must clear the earth for air so we can breathe clearly again. We must get rid of the massive carbon footprint darkening the earth’s future. By telling people what they could do to reduce plastic, you will save the planet earth from absolute destruction.        

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