By Sabeen Wahid

It’s Monday morning and I was reading a book in my English period. It was really good! Suddenly the classroom around me disappeared and I realised where I am – I was in the world of the book!

I could see the interior of a modern spaceship around me, just like the ones I had seen in many movies. It had nice leather seats and a large viewing window with lots of buttons, a medical area and bedrooms.

Then I heard a loud robotic voice. “Please put your seatbelt on, we will be taking off in 10 seconds.” I got really confused and scared, wondering if I would see my family or friends ever again or where we were going or why I was in this spaceship in the first place!

Unexpectedly, the spaceship rapidly took off at high speeds. I couldn’t feel the speed but it seemed to be going very fast. A TV slowly came of the table and also food. A message popped up on the 98 inch cosmic ray tv – “Please enjoy the next four hours, pick the movie by touching your selection on the screen and please have the refreshments, do not leave your seat for your safety – I picked the movie and started watching it.” I was scared as they was no-one else in this huge spaceship…

After three hours and 57 minutes, I had watched two ultra HDI movies in 8D. I was starting to quite like the feeling of watching movies in a spaceship. Then I heard the robotic voice again “We are reaching in three mins at Planet Zorb, it is currently 14:46 there and is the year 2068.”

Then I could feel the spaceship going down. “You have now reached your destination, you are free to leave your seat.”  I got off my seat and looked out of the viewing window, it was amazing.

Then a door opened off the spaceship and I slowly walked down it. The city was so big and futuristic. Then I saw strange-looking aliens. They had not seen me but many aliens were surrounding the spaceship. They had not been expecting a spaceship to come to their city. I then stepped on the ground, aliens noticed me. Some moved away, some started to come closer to attack.

I started to run back into the spaceship. Suddenly I heard my teachers voice shouting at me! Only six mins had passed and apparently I was sleeping! I was very confused but relieved to come back from Planet Zorb to reality!

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