Magic Reflection

by Zahra Murshed (Audri)

Once upon a time there lived a very smart little girl called Ellie. She lived with her mum, dad and her little brother Jack. She would love to study. She also loved nature. Even though she loved learning and exploring around, she wasn’t feeling like herself that day. She hadn’t been outside for quite a while.

Then, suddenly while she was in her room, she heard the phone ringing.  Mum said it was Grandma and she would like them to go and have tea with her. Ellie was really pleased. Finally she gets to go outside.

So, Ellie got ready, put on her shoes and rushed into the car. She took a book along with her just to keep her busy through-out the journey. Soon they arrived at Grandma and Granddad’s house. Ellie was very keen on ringing the bell, but so was jack. So she just let him, after all, he was her little brother. Grandma opened the door and she was really happy to see them, so was granddad. Mum, dad and Jack went on to sit in the living room while grandma was preparing tea.

After a while, it was tea time and Ellie could not wait as Grandma’s vegetable stew was her favourite! After tea and the delicious fruit custard, Grandma told Ellie to come upstairs with her. Ellie was a bit curios about what could it be. Grandma then asked Ellie to climb the creaky wooden ladder to the attic. It was full of dusty and old souvenirs. She then said ‘Sit down Ellie I’ve got something to tell you’. Ellie looked excited and immediately replied ‘YES!’. ‘Well, I have been waiting to tell you about my past life and secrets’ said Grandma.

‘When I was your age, my best friend from school was Jenna. She was my best friend throughout my life.’ said grandma. ‘That sounds great!’ said Ellie. ‘Please tell me more!’. ‘Okay, okay settle down…’ said grandma. ‘I haven’t told you the biggest part yet.’

‘Only if you promise’ said Grandma.

‘Yes!!!’ said Ellie.

 ‘I’m a witch….’ said Grandma.

‘No way! How do you know?’ shouted Ellie.

‘Well, one day I was walking back home alone from school, since Jenna, my best friend was off. I saw an old lady who looked really poor and hungry so I gave her a bit of my sandwich that I did not eat from lunch. She looked really happy and gave me a magical book and a magic wand, which she told me, will only work every time if I did a good deed.’

‘WOW! Where is it?’ said Ellie.

Grandma took out her spell book and wand and showed Ellie. Grandma even made all the old photos disappear. Ellie was astonished by Grandma’s abilities. Then, Ellie heard her mum calling her to get ready to leave.

‘Wait…’ said Grandma. ‘I want you to have this book and wand so you can learn how to be a witch and remember it only works if you first do a good deed.’

While Ellie was getting into the car Granddad was waving good bye and Grandma gave Ellie a wink. Now it’s Ellie’s turn to find out whether a good deed of her will enable her magical powers or was it just one of Grandma’s many tricks to encourage her to be a good human being 😉 .

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