My Terrifying Dream

by Fareena Wahid

Primary six students and teachers were coming back from a school trip on a bus. Suddenly the creaky bus broke down next to a dark  forest. All the children got off the bus. Among them,  Sara,James and Sophie decided to go to the forest and try to find some help. Sara lead them into the forest, it was damp, misty and spooky! As they were walking they heard someone stomping on the crispy leaves. Out of nowhere there came a figure with a black suit and a pale white face! The figure didn’t have a nose, mouth or even any eyes. It looked like slender man. The kids were terrified and ran fast.

When Sara,James and Sophie were running they saw a mansion, but not just any mansion, it was a haunted mansion! The mansion looked old, creepy and and massive. But it was worth a try to find some help. As they stepped in there was a trap so they fell inside a room full of skeletons. Then Sara saw a wardrobe, so they opened it fearfully. In the wardrobe there was a shimmering key,  they tried to open the door with it to get out of the mansion. It worked,  they were back in the creepy forest.

When they were trying to find their way out,  Sara stepped on something. She looked at it and surprisingly it was a phone! They were so happy. Sophie called 999 for a rescue helicopter and it appeared within minutes. All the other worried teachers and students saw the bright light from the helicopter and followed it and found Sophie, Sara and James. The helicopter was huge,  so all the teachers and the students could all fit in it.  They all arrived school safely. AND I woke up feeling fully relieved!! I realised it was just a dream. I was thinking why on earth was I having a scary dream! It was probably because we were doing a scary story telling at school on Halloween day and my friend told a similar story. Thanks to my brain neurones for storing those memories and keeping me entertained while sleeping!

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