Perfect Lies

by Zara Amir, Age: 12, Class: S1

What on Earth?

Where am l?

Wait… Who am I?

An annoyingly loud beeping noise belonging to a machine filled the empty hospital room, which contained boring walls done up in a very plain cream colour. If you ask me, I think it’s monochrome to the point it makes me want to fall asleep again. The one thing I was interested in, was a mirror on my left, above the sink in the lonely ward. I touched my porcelain skin, still processing everything. I didn’t even need to check what gender I was, from my face and fingers, I may look slightly feminine, I am definitely a boy. I slicked my dark brown hair back, I never remember my hair looking so good with my cerulean blue eyes.

Actually, I don’t remember anything… Well, this just makes life harder, doesn’t it?

I growled. Suddenly, a blonde nurse ran into the room. He gasped as if he had seen a ghost. Oh, wait, they think I’m dead, right? Or in a coma, something like that “A-are you ok?”

Wow, that was a dumb question to ask; “Oh, yeah I’m fine! Ya know, just fell into a coma, probably lost my memories, and oh- I am an amnesiac, just in case you’re one too and need reminding, I. LOST. MY. MEMORIES! But enough about me, let’s talk about you, how many times did you fall into a coma, hmm? Why are you looking at me like that’s not a normal thing?” Was what I was going to say, but I’m not so deprived of my memories to forget my manners.

“Yes, I’m fine”

He nodded, “I’ll get another member of staff, I’m new here” I raised my eyebrows, so he isn’t aware. I sighed and put a hand to my cheek in boredom, only to flinch at a weird cold material on my wrist. In blue pen it wrote;

Patient name: Alexander Ashwell

Age: 21

Reason for Admission: Fell off a building, currently in a coma

Evidence! Yes! Though my silent celebration was cut short as another nurse walked in as if she she owned the whole blooming place. “Mister Ashwell, how long have you been awake?”

“An hour, nurse”

“You must be hungry!” The nurse turned around to get me lunch.

“Wait! Please!” She cocked her head to the side. “Yes, sir?” 

“Do you remember anything about me? I can’t remember!” It had finally sunk in. I could be a criminal overlord, an heir to a CEO company, a college student, a troublemaker. I could have a driver’s licence, or a twin, maybe a pet. 

Where’s my family…?

“I’m terribly sorry sir, I have no clue. But your twin sister is coming”

Just as she said that, a girl my age dashed to my side. 


She hugged me, really tight. Her hair was darker than mine, almost black but the moment I saw her eyes I was sure we were related. My sister looked a lot like a college student, blue jeans, white and blue blouse with cherry blossoms sewn on.

“Ah, I’m sorry, you probably don’t remember me. I’m Alice Ashwell, your twin sister”


Give me credit here, what would you do?

“Hey, we’re going to get your memories back. Trust me”

I didn’t know what to trust, my sister or that voice in my head that told me I’d never get my memories back…

Here I am, six months later after I woke up.

I should have never trusted her…

Today’s headline: “Alice Ashwell, arrested for attempted murder after pushing brother off a building”

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